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Caregiver Client Testimonials

Deanna Testimony
Joan Testimony

DeAnna Brockl
San Francisco,CA

Sheila has a genuine heart for her clients. This genuine gift and her desire to help others enabled me to achieve my goals and improve my quality of life. She understands the care and time needed to make YOU her priority. Our sessions together were the highlights of my day. She inspired me beyond measure, and for this, I will always be grateful. Thank you, Sheila!

Joan Willms
Queensville, Ontario, Canada

Sheila provided a warm,safe environment and judgement free zone. This allowed me to open up and to really get to the heart of beliefs and shoulds that were no longer serving my best self. Sheila is a great listener. I felt heard and understood. She is so dedicated and has a soft demeanour that is calming and encouraging. She asks questions in a way that empowered me. Sheila was empathetic  and encouraged safety of the whole being: the physical, the mind, and the emotions. She encouraged me to connect with my heart rather than my head. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be coached by Sheila. She is transforming lives. Sheila is a difference maker and brought out the extra-ordinary in me.

Marlon Testimony
Tuyet Testimony

Marlon Hutchinson 
Montreal, Quebec

The Coaching I received from Sheila was simply phenomenal. She is a genuinely intuitive person who knows how to guide me in the right direction. She has a sense of knowing what my true need is even when I do not entirely express it. I chose Sheila to be my Coach because she relates very well with me and having someone who could relate well with me is not something that is easy to come by these days. Coaching seems to be a natural calling for Sheila. She is very serious, committed and engaged. Sheila is a very conscientious woman who truly has a gift for transforming lives. I say this because she transformed mine. Thank you Sheila. 

Tuyet Vance  
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Working with Sheila Porter was such an uplifting and transformational experience. Working with Sheila,  I learned how to use my voice and to take actionable steps to get the results that I want. Sheila was an  attentive listener and always gave encouraging and thoughtful suggestions. She followed up to make  sure I stayed on track with my action steps and helped me understand why I didn’t complete my action  steps and then offered methods to get back on track. I miss Sheila’s calm demeanor and wisdom. I  would whole heartedly recommend working with Sheila. You will thrive with being coached by Sheila.  

Maria Testimony

M. Schoeffler
Licensed Professional Counselor

Executive coaches have the power to change lives. Through technique, empathy, and personal example of integrity, Ms. Porter has contributed to my emotional health and professional growth, guiding me in making great changes in a short period of time. Seeing my remarkable progress gave me more courage and a larger vision for my life. Ms. Porter has multicultural sensitivity, experience, counseling skills, work ethic, training, and a presence that goes beyond professionalism. As a Licensed Professional Counselor, myself I can easily recognize quality, commitment, skill, and authenticity, and I strongly recommend Ms. Porter to anyone who wants to make personal and professional positive changes.

Triple Force Consulting
Triple Force Consulting
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